Energy Cure
Let’s heal ourselves

Our Mind can heal our Body

Some call it placebo, some call it self healing, we call it Energy Cure.

Placebo is a term used in medical research which refers to measurable, observable improvement on the patient’s health that cannot be attributed to any REAL ongoing treatment.

In other words a treatment that is not real can have measurable and observable benefits that patients experience in a real way.

The placebo effect is an autosuggestion that the treatment works. And Colorado Boulder scientists proved that the treatment work even after patients found out that they were given placebo pills.

Here’s the hitch: The subjects need ample time – in this case four sessions – to be conditioned to believe the placebo works. Then, even after it is revealed that the treatment is fake, they continue to get pain relief. When participants are told the truth about the treatment after only one session, they don’t show a continued placebo effect.” – read the full article here

In conclusion, patients that truly believe that the cure works will benefit from the cures effects. This is what Energy Cure is about with the condition that patients truly believe and that they follow the prescription to the letter.

First Step

First step is to prepare your mind for the Energy Cure. Find out how to train your mind to trust the treatment.

Second Step

Second step is to mix a glass of water with a tablespoon of salt and find a quiet place for your treatment.

Dose 1

Find out what is and how to administer Dose 1 of your treatment. Your healing with energy cure begins.

Dose 2
Coming Soon

Stay tuned as we are working on the second dose of your treatment. Soon you treatment will be complete.